Hey, I'm Damiano Software Engineer
who likes to build backends and reliable infrastructures.


( Text-only, GUI is coming soon 🤗 )

Big Data and Data mining
TWITTER TOPICS DISTRIBUTED COMPUTATION IN APACHE SPARK description: Capturing, storing and loading huge amount of tweets from Twitter in Apache Spark's Resilient Distributed Datasets (cluster) to perform a distributed computation of the most relevant Topics technologies: Apache Spark, python, linux, clustering (machine learning) algorithms, twitter mining, data streams TWITTER DATA MINING PROJECT description: Capturing and mining tweets from Twitter to perform analysis of the most relevant Topics per Geographic area in Trentino technologies: python, linux, clustering (machine learning) algorithms, twitter data mining TOP TOPICS MINING OVER 1000 WIKIPEDIA ARTICLES IN APACHE SPARK description: Capturing and Mining Wikipedia articles to perform a computation of the most relevant Topics. technologies: python, linux, wikipedia mining, machine learning
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORKS FOR HAND WRITTEN DIGITS RECOGNITION description: Train, benchmark and deploy several configurations of Convolutional Neural Networks (with Tensorflow and sci-kit learn) to obtain the best predictions for the classification of handwritten digits technologies: convolutional neural networks, python, tensorflow, sci-kit learn RECURRENT NEURAL NETWORKS FOR PART OF SPEECH TAGGING description: Train, benchmark and deploy several configurations of Recurrent Neural Networks (with Theano) to obtain the best part of speech classification, as a building block for natural language processing and understanding technologies: recurrent neural networks, python, theano, command line MULTINOMIAL BAYESIAN CLASSIFIER FOR ONLINE REVIEWS CLASSIFICATION description: Scraping, Cleaning, Processing of online reviews in order to train and deploy a Multinomial Bayesian Classifier (with Sci-kit Learn) to predict the overall score from 1 to 5 for a text review technologies: bayesian classifier, python, sci-kit learn, command line
Internet of Things
ARDUINO BLE HEARTBEAT MEASURING WRISTBAND technologies: c/c++, bluetooth, arduino, signal processing BLUEPRESENCE: 3D-PRINTED BLE-ARMWRIST FOR SMART CITIES description: Won the IoT Hackathon @ MUSE (Trento) technologies: linux, python, raspberry pi, bluetooth, 3d printing FOLLOWHEEL: RASPBERRY PI CONTROLLED WHEELED DRONE FOR ADVERTISEMENT technologies: raspberrypi, linux, python, node.js, golang, bluetooth, ultrasound RASPBERRY PI AUTOMATION SERVO other: soldering, small circuit design technologies: hardware relays, python (server), html, javascript (client) PIDOOR: RASPBERRY PI HOME VIDEO DOORBELL SYSTEM other: cables placement, circuit design technologies: linux, python, bash, networking INTERNET OF THINGS HD WEBCAMS FOR TURISTIC AND FORECASTING PURPOSES description: Webcams developed during my internship at Digistyle.it, which are currently deployed on wild mountains and viewable @ funiviecampiglio.it and ski.it
EVG WEB APP description: It is a Complete Platform developed during my internship at Digistyle.it for managing Events in a local area. It comes with db, backend, frontend and deployment strategy scripts technologies: javascript, angular.js (client), node.js (server), rethinkdb, html5, css3, docker tools: npm, bower, yeoman BACHELOR THESIS: REALTIME WEB MODULE FOR APPLICATION USAGE ANALYTICS technologies: node.js, rethinkdb, websockets, socket.io, ionic (mobile client demo) DAMIANODONATI.COM, THIS WEBSITE! technologies: html, css3, javascript, jquery, cdn, cloudflare, github, git
Infrastructure Engineering DevOps
DOCKER WEB INFRASTRUCTURE DESIGN technologies: docker, docker-compose, linux, linux containers GRONTAB: LIB FOR PARALLEL/PERSISTENT JOB SCHEDULING/RUNNING, LIKE CRONTAB FOR GO technologies: golang, travis ci code: https://github.com/damdo/grontab GOBIN: GENERATOR FOR THE SMALLEST POSSIBLE DOCKER IMAGE FOR ANY GOLANG PROJECT technologies: docker, golang, makefile, travis ci code: https://github.com/damdo/gobin DOCKER-DTDNS: CONTAINERIZED DTDNS DYNAMIC DNS CLIENT/UPDATER technologies: docker, golang code: https://github.com/damdo/docker-dtdns
Bots and Message Brokers
TELEGRAM BOT CLIENT FOR FTP SERVER technologies: python, rpc, telegram api TELEGRAM MESSAGE BROKER FOR INFRASTRUCTURE MONITORING (DOCKER) technologies: go, golang, http REST APIs, telegram api
Mobile Applications
TRENTINO UNIVERSIADE APP 2013 description: Won the ICTdays 2013 Hackathon technologies: android, android studio, java, maven, spring, REST APIs
Computer Vision
ICT DAYS HACKATHON 2016: WEBCAM MENSA POVO technologies: python, opencv, docker, golang, go IMPLEMENTATION OF SPLIT AND MERGE ALGORITHM description: the Split and Merge Computer Vision algorithm as a MacOs application technologies: c/c++, opencv
Distributed Systems and Algorithms
CHANDY-LAMPORT IMPLEMENTATION FOR DISTRIBUTED SNAPSHOTS technologies: python, heapq, discrete event simulator
RANDID: crypto-secure random ids generation lib for Go technologies: go, golang code: https://github.com/damdo/randid